Writing Rate Sheet Spring-Summer 2018

Thank you for considering hiring my professional writing services today.

I have put together some examples and prices for my guest blogging and press release writing services. I have also added some additional writing services that I offer.

I have left some wiggle room on price (commercial rates so-to-speak) for you to upcharge my services and offer them to your clients. – Lets make money together and get results! -TylerCarty

Blogging Services: (450-500 words)

  • SEO optimized engaging blog content written. $75
  • SEO optimized engaging blog content written and added to clients blog. $99
  • SEO optimized guest blog post written and added to high PR offsite blog. $150

All blogging services where I upload the content that I write to the blog include 1-2 dofollow hypertext links within the body of the content. In most cases 1-2 images will be added within the body of the copy as well. Full meta-tagging where applicable.

Press Release Services: (325-400 words)

  • Professional press release writing. $125
  • Plan A – Press release writing and syndication to major news sources: New York Times, Associated Press, USA Today and many others. Own it! $695
  • Plan B – Press release writing and syndication to 1000’s of media outlets. $395
  • Plan C – Press release writing and syndication to 20+ top press release websites. $175

Website SEO content writing services:

  • Keyword research service. Global/national campaign. $149
  • Local business keyword research. $149
  • Website SEO copywriting. 400-500 words. $125 per page.
  • Full service website SEO content writing. Includes 10 pages SEO content writing, navigation structuring, keyword research, meta-tagging, etc. Too much to list. $1499

Legal website content writing services:

  • Terms of Service (Contact me for price)
  • Warranty Policy (Contact me for price)
  • Guarantee Policy (Contact me for price)
  • Privacy Policy (Contact me for price)

Newsletter and email content writing:

  • Newsletter writing (Contact me for price)
  • Email sequence and autoresponder setup (Contact me for price)

Contractor rates and package discounts:

You will save significantly when you hire me for multiple writing services.

Example; when you hire me for 10 press releases and/or guest blog articles written and syndicated save 15%. Hire me for 20+ and save 25%.

Hire me on a monthly contract and automatically save 15%. *Minimums do apply.

Current capacity: I can handle another 50+ press release writing and blogging services on a monthly bases. If you have the work I can accommodate you with maximum quality.

Website reporting available:

Website statistic reporting services are available including backlink reports, competition analysis, rank tracking, etc. *Ask me for more details.

My personal guarantee:

30 day guarantee: Know that your money is well spent! If for some reason a link is not active within 30 days I will replace it free of charge.

Benefits of my writing services:

Dedication – All writing services personally completed by me.
Experience – Backed by years of experience and results online.
Premium Service – All top quality high ranking guest blogs and media sites.
Zero Risk – Backed by my 30 day replacement guarantee.
Low Prices – Make money off my content writing services.

When you hire me today you can count on my dedication to thorough research and my passion for this craft. Let me help you to build the image that you are looking to convey and ultimately grow you and your clients businesses on the internet.


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