My latest internet businesses under development

There is nothing quite like the websites that I am currently developing.

The following domains are currently under construction or are at some level of design and development. You are encouraged to visit each website and learn more about them. While you are on the websites subscribe to become a beta-tester.

Ask me about JV opportunities! I am only one man and getting all of these website built takes time. As you can see there is a lot of potential in these websites. Email me with your JV ideas at

Writing Job Finder is the worlds #1 resource to find professional writers and to locate writing jobs. This simple but powerful platform is near completion and already has a tremendous following in social media waiting for it to come live.

This website is a photo classifieds/small photography job website that will allow professional and amateur photographers to make money selling their photography services and images.

This powerful keyword rich domain is going to make a lot of money. Average price for industrial machinery is over $30,000. And there is nothing else quite like it. Most websites are auction sites. The internet is waiting!

With an organic Facebook fan base of over 1100 fans and keyword rich domain name this website will take off quickly once it is built. This is going to be a sure winner.

Another potential long term cash machine. This website is a small job website with powerful keywords in the domain. And the branding is excellent too. Based on the microjob business model this site is a sure success.

As an SEO expert I choose powerful keyword rich domain names and here is another one. This site is completed but has no real way to monetize. It is helping a lot of Hawaiians find teaching jobs in Hawaii.

The word “Ohana” in Hawaiian means family. The word Ohana is also often referred to as “Family House”. Hawaii is well known for their bed and breakfasts. The Hawaiians only have a few options to rent their temporary rooms.  …until now

This keyword rich domain name gets a lot of searches every month. This website is perfect to build a photo selling website. Anything is possible. With the powerful “buy” word in the domain name traffic will be ready to buy photographs when they stop by.

Want to get your foot in the door of a niche site that will dominate the local results quickly? This domain name will surely build a great Hawaii room rental website. Lower on the list here but none-the-less a viable option for success online.

Your imagination is the only limitation when it comes to SEO Cleric. This aged domain name will rank quickly for keywords related to SEO services. Soon the world will have what it needs.

Another project that has been on the back burner for too long is my Hair Flouish hair growth product. This website will sell my Palmetto enhanced hair growth products. All natural solution to hair loss.

Last but not least is my Social Ops project. This project is what most of my eBooks are titled under. I generated quite a lot of revenue under this brand. Come on over and optin today.

Other domains that I own:

Send me a message to learn more about my projects. -TylerCarty

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