Imagine yourself writing your best selling novel, devising your next successful business plan or setting goals to become your future fulfilled self. Envision yourself having the faith to make all of your dreams come true. Now imagine being able to do all of this through emotion.

Have you ever listened to a song that brought you back in time and experienced the emotions that you felt the first time that you heard the song?

Most musicians and writers always come up with their best work when they are experiencing hardships and new love. Why are the creative powers always most effectively tapped when a person is sad, angry or while experiencing other intense emotions? Because emotion is the language that creativity speaks.

When strong emotions arise leverage their creative potential.

Next time that you are going through some intense emotions write about them; write new music, put together a business plan, make goals, paint, whatever it is and you too will have all of the creative potential of the multi-verse available to you.

Even when you are not experiencing strong emotions you will learn how to leverage the emotion of others so that you can more easily tap the creative potential of the multi-verse. Emotion can be found elsewhere too, not just in your own experiences. Emotion is also the language of nature, of souls long past and of thoughts from far away galaxies.

Like creativity emotion is not unique to just this dimension.

Emotion is the most powerful of all natural forces. Emotions are so powerful that not only do emotions allow your mind to communicate with the creative potential of the multi-verse but emotions also penetrate far beyond time and space. Like creativity emotion is not unique to just this dimension.

Emotions are the match to spark your creative flames.

Next time that you catch yourself having strong emotions set ablaze the creative potential and infinite wisdom of the multi-verse by simply taking a moment to put your pen to paper, place your hands on your computer keyboard, pick up a paint brush or play a musical instrument. It is there that you will find all of the answers that you seek.

And in an instant you will be pulled back into where you call your reality with new clarity, vision and calmness.


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