The subconscious mind is not a filter.

positiveTo really make an improvement in your positive mindset you have to be careful with all of the details that you choose to focus on because it is the little details that add up to formulate your reality.

The “negative person” is a label that should be used sparingly.

Removing negative people from your life who are negative day-after-day goes with out saying…

This is not to say that you should remove all people who are feeling negative from your life, because even the most positive thinkers have fleeting moments of negativity. The difference is that the experienced positive thinker is able to consciously filter out the negativity streaming into their mind much more easily than someone new to thinking positive.

Having a positive mindset is not enough to change the world around you.

A positive mindset is one thing, but at some point in time you are going to need to be brave and risk your positivity by taking action and helping negative people.

Many people new to the positive mindset think that they have to run from all negativity.

With experience and careful long term focus on turning negative thoughts into positive thoughts the powerful positive mindset has the ability to (at least momentarily) turn a negative person into a positive person.

Is the risk worth it? Yes!

Until your positivity is strong enough you might have to run from all negativity, which is fine for awhile, but in order to really increase the positivity in the world you will have to eventually take the needed risks so that you can help build the world into a more positive place.

…because after all we are all here to help one another.

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