We all know from 4th grade science class that the earth has a magnetic field that vibrates at a frequency of 7.86Hz, which just so happens to be the exact same frequency that the mind is at when the mind is in a state of optimum performance; a state of mind that is most relaxed, yet focused. YOU see, consciousness creates frequencies that physically penetrate time and space in the exact same ways that radio waves do.

Imagine the infinite possibilities! With the refrigerator, radio, television and every other electronic device in the city emitting frequencies an untrained minds frequencies are affected and elevated to much higher levels than the optimum 7.86Hz. Why? The answer is as fascinating as it is enlightening. Because the minds frequencies are attracted to other equal frequencies around YOU that are in harmony. Many people familiar with the bestselling book “The Secret” call this The Law of Attraction. I like to call it Living in Harmony.

Besides the electronic devices emitting frequencies that disrupt an untrained minds natural brainwave patterns there is also other external stimuli affecting the levels of an untrained minds frequencies, essentially affecting the person’s level of consciousness. This includes the billboards on the side of the road, stress from work or children, music and worse yet, television. More so, a mind that is at a high frequency is more likely to react to the outside world instinctively and more negatively, rather than acting with decisive conscious thought. A person with a mind emitting high frequencies is also known as the Fight or Flight mindset. We have all seen the type; the type of person that is negative all of the time, never smiles and all-in-all is just a downer to be around.

Did you know – when relaxing piano music is played throughout crops that the plants being cultivated will grow taller, they will have bigger leaves and the crop will yield much more during harvest? On the contrary if heavy metal music is played, which has much higher frequencies, the crop will grow smaller with much less of a yield during harvest. Can you imagine what music can do to human consciousness!? Interestingly enough these tests also prove that nature is conscious, but it’s more of a collective consciousness when compared to individual human consciousness that most people are aware of.

The mind and body are one of the same system both affecting the other.

It is scientifically proven through precise brainwave measurements that during meditation a master of meditation is able to RELAX and control their minds frequency levels until their level of brainwave activity measures at as low as 2-4Hz, far below normal human consciousness.

What does all of this mean for YOU? It proves several things; First off it proves that there are different levels of streams of consciousness all around YOU that are in harmony. Second, it proves that a person’s untrained mind is affected by the streams of consciousness around them. And thirdly, it proves that YOU CAN control your minds frequencies, lower your stress and attract more positivity into YOUR life.

Controlling your minds frequencies takes practice, but NOT the lifetime of learning that many meditation experts have do go through. It is much easier than you THINK! The fastest way to take control of your consciousness is to THINK positive. It does take some extra conscious effort at first. In the beginning you will have to FOCUS, correct and replace any negative thought that YOU may have with a positive thought, but with some practice before long YOU will begin to take control of your thoughts, lower your minds frequencies and ultimately you will take control of your own destiny because positive thoughts formulate a positive reality!

Even more amazing is watching how YOUR positive mind grows your body healthy and makes the world a better place around YOU!

If you are new to Living in Harmony and finding it difficult to STAY POSITIVE go to a park, go to the beach, go to the mountains, go wherever you can go to get as far away that YOU can from the stream of consciousness of the city and plant your bare feet on the solid mother earth. Feel the lower frequencies of the planet. Invite the CALM of nature into your spirit and let go of the consciousness of the city. It is there that YOU will find your peace of mind. – And it is at that place that YOU will find all of the answers.

NOW, when you go to YOUR place in nature remember the feelings of the planet, the LOVE, and the consciousness of nature because the consciousness of nature and the CALM of the planet is always with YOU if you listen and look for it. No matter where you are on this planet YOUR peace in nature is always inside of you because, just like the mind and body being ONE, your spirit is one with the planet and the universe.

As a final note; Always remember that above all else there is LOVE. Love is the most powerful force in nature, more powerful than the consciousness of the city, and even more powerful than all infinite Suns combined! Remember that even when it may seem like there is nothing left, there is always love. – YOU have to remember that love is everywhere! When you remember that love is the most powerful force in nature and that LOVE is all around YOU, you will invite all of the love of the endless universe into your spirit – and JOY, success and even more love will perpetuate within you and around YOU.

My name is Tyler Carty. May all of the love of eternity come into your heart this Valentine’s Day!

…wrote this on Valentines day 2014


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