So many people haphazardly go throughout their whole lives reacting to life, reacting to the trials and tribulations that fall at their feet, living a life created for them. Most people live in a constant state of flight-or-flight brought about by the stresses of the modern world. I have the solution for you!

Discover the art of writing!

The art of writing is a very decisive process; every word on the page must have meaning and purpose. Just like success in real life, to be an effective writer, you must choose carefully the words that you write, to ultimately formulate the reality that you want your reader to experience. Formulating reality is very simple and quite easy, if you just slow your mind down enough from the external pressures of the real world.

All highly successful creative writers and brilliant minds have known how to tap the creative potential of the multi-verse; Einstein especially knew how to do this, as well did Leonardo de Vinci, Beethoven and other great minds of human history.

How is tapping the creative potential possible? Answer: Lots and lots of practice and most importantly, by relaxing!

Everyone has this ability, its just that some people are better at it than others. Do not get discouraged, tapping this creative flow is actually much easier than you think, the hard part is keeping yourself tapped to it.

I am sure that we all have heard of the condition writers block. Too often writers block is used as an excuse for laziness, although other times writers block is a valid reason for a persons temporary lack of their ability to be able to write. The trick is to take full advantage of the creative potential when it does actually flow into your life.

You have probably seen on television famous scholars having a notepad that they are constantly writing their thoughts in. You have also probably seen other super-brains like Stephen Hawking who have a whole staff of people following him around all day with a pen and paper writing down his thoughts, and bouts of creative genius. The reason for this is that this creative potential doesn’t make appointments, it just shows up whenever it pleases! You have to be prepared when these strokes of creative genius flow into your life, whether be it on the job, in a restaurant or walking about your daily life.

Emotions are the keys to tapping the creative potential of the multi-verse!

Whats the secret to keeping yourself tapped? For most people their best writing is done when their emotions are at their highest levels. For example; most music is written as a release, or purging of the musicians emotions (especially when it comes to broken relationships). For many musicians and writers writing is a form of therapy, its a way to release and free associate the emotional knots in their mind.

Knowing emotion can be a double edged sword, or a bit like opening a Pandoras box. As you learn more emotions, the more emotional that you become. Have courage!

I yearn for the ability to be able to play good music. I am not a musician by any stretch of the imagination, but I do try my best to play piano and guitar. Even with my novice ears I get a very powerful emotional sensation playing an instrument, or even just listening to music. I imagine what the synergy must feel like to be a GREAT musician that can play on stage in a band. Oh how I wish, how I long for the synergy of playing in a band! Don’t we all?

Good musicians know what I am talking about and I am sure, like myself, the not-so-good musicians are envious. -lol If you cannot play a musical instrument relax, the creative potential or synergy of the multi-verse is readily available to everyone. This stream of synergy and consciousness is always around each and everyone of us; its in the music that you listen to, the sound of the ocean, the wind through the trees, the sound of your heart beating and within every breath that we take!

Some of my best writing comes when I begin writing right when I wake up in the morning. Many times I save my copyediting for the mornings, after I have the time to sleep on it. Its almost as if the mind has a way of unconsciously sorting through the information from the night before, in a way like the way that a computer defragmentation process works.

Becoming successful in life and at writing is a process of learning how to relax.

Every successful writer has their own way of setting the mood before they sit down to begin writing. Setting the mood allows the creative juices to start flowing. The psychology behind this mindset can be seen as a state of trance or mediation. It feels absolutely wonderful, better than the feeling that any drug can bring – and only positive side-effects.

For me, I prefer classical music to help set the mood before I begin writing. Relaxing music lowers my brains frequencies into a more relaxed state of mind. Listening to relaxing music allows me to get tapped much more easily and to stay tapped a lot longer. For someone who earns his living writing, listening to relaxing music and taking deep relaxing breaths is the only way that I have been able to do my job and become successful.

Wheres your peace of mind? Bring your pen and paper next time that you go there and see for yourself!

It has been noted that Einstein would come up with his revolutionary ideas by simply sitting on his porch, smoking a tobacco pipe while rocking in his porch swing. The key here is to position yourself in a relaxing environment before you begin writing.


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