Have you ever wondered if it is really possible to be put under someone’s spell, or to be placed into such a trance state that you are easily suggestible to external sensory stimuli?

As a matter of fact, YOU are in a state of trance as you read the words on this page. Simply stated, a state of trance can be described as any repetitive pattern of focused thought.

Throughout your daily life YOU live in a world governed by mind maps that outline your reality. Each avenue that you walk through in the maps of your mind is considered a unique state of trance.

You see, day in and day out, YOU get comfortable with the familiar streets that you walk through in your mind and you obsess on the feelings that each state of trance brings to you. Within the maps of your mind, you are constantly being distracted and steered off course by external sensory stimuli that the modern world brings into YOUR reality.

The billboards on the side of the road, the signs on storefronts, shiny objects, commercials, music, radio waves, reading, and just about everything else that you imagine interferes with the formulation of YOUR goals.

Your question now is, how does knowing all of this help YOU? The answer is much simpler than you imagine. The answer is not Hokus Pokus like your creative imagination would like to dream, but rather Focus-Focus-Focus! Focus on what you want, focus on your goals and focus on the thoughts that make YOU happy!

With so many external sensory distractions FOCUS can sometimes seem difficult. Focus is as simple as getting fresh air, it’s as simple as breathing in deeply and exhaling slowly.

Try it, breathe in in and exhale out. Take another deep breath. With each deep breath you gain more focus and control your thoughts. More importantly with every breath that YOU breathe in you begin formulating your reality with focused thought. With focus your thoughts begin to materialize as real tangible things.

But there’s more…

Equally important, to become the Magellan of YOUR mind it takes bravery. Fear could rule your reality if you do not choose to be brave. The thing about bravery is that bravery is not an exemption from the uncertain, rather bravery is the acceptance of the uncertain, because the only thing that is for certain is uncertainty!

Focused bravery is the fuel for the vehicle that drives YOU within the maps of your mind. Its as simple as replacing your fear with focused bravery and your reality is guaranteed to unfold in your favor every time.

What do you want? Keep your focus on what YOU want and always remember to breathe. Breathe in; as you breathe in, you breathe in focus and bravery. As you exhale you exhale the distractions of all of your unwanted external stimuli, and most importantly you exhale the fear.

With FOCUS distractions no longer interrupt your goals. The focus on your dreams, the focus on your passions and your focused bravery NOW monopolize your thoughts!

YOUR focus is the YOU that is happy and your happiness grows your body healthy, shapes your fantasies and turns your thoughts into reality.

FOCUS and attract success and wealth as wild as your wildest dreams!

–Tyler Carty


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