I had a near death experience as a child. Its a generic story really. My spirit floated above the accident scene and my life flipped backwards like the pages of a book.

My spirit was pulled up through a tunnel towards the white light, and when I got there I was greeted by my ancestors in the garb of days past, those that I had missed for so long.

The warm love was overwhelming, but I cried for the days of playing in the sunshine, in the mountains with my friends.

And in just a moment I was pulled back into my body where I laid shivering in a puddle of water, where every shiver would rattle the broken bones inside of my body.

I never saw a God, but I saw my deceased loved ones adrift in puffy clouds, and I felt a universal love beyond what language can express.

Heaven, its what they say it is, this I know is true for sure! -Tyler


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