As YOU sit there reading this people are happily living YOUR dreams and making money using all of the resources readily available on the internet and elsewhere to do it.

It’s 2017, by now a lot of people have a good idea on how marketing is done effectively online and offline. Whether you BELIEVE IT or not you already have what it takes to BE successful inside of YOU. You see it everyday; people are leveraging social media, blogging, building websites, using optin forms, establishing their lists and making YouTube videos. – And they are making millions of dollars doing it!

The only thing that separates YOU from the people that are doing it is that they’re doing it and you’re not!

I imagine a time before the internet. I remember the day that I got my first computer. I also remember my life before the launch of my first best selling info product. Well before I made my first money online I was sitting there, like YOU are now, with an idea. Just like YOU, I had spent days reading all of the latest internet marketing resources online, only to get overwhelmed and eventually I would have to take a break. – But I NEVER gave up!

I remember clearly the day that it all hit me; It was a sunny Spring day and there I was sitting in my $300 a month studio apartment, frustrated and broke. After many countless hours of research, and trial-and-error, it all dawned on me. I was over-thinking everything that I had learned about internet marketing and success. Like an epiphany I had suddenly realized that it’s all so simple. I had come to the understanding that success in the real world and success online are ONE of the same because the internet IS reality!

I had come to the realization that YOU cannot be successful online and in business, without first being successful at LIFE.

What does it mean to be successful at life? Success online and in the real world all boils down to one simple concept; Provide a quality product or service and, most importantly, help people. That’s all there is to it! The internet is just another medium to help people.

But there is more; In order to become successful at life you must FORGET the primitive self-serving mindset. The self-serving mindset does not work in the world TODAY, especially in the internet algorithms. The modern Web 3.0 (Semantic web) has the ability to understand the meaning of content.

Just like success in the real world the internet algorithms are based upon morality and logic. You will not become successful ANYWHERE unless you THINK LOGICALLY and YOU ARE a moral person. The internet algorithms of today, whether be it Google, Facebook, Yahoo and elsewhere, are genius at indexing and filtering out content. – And there are millions of algorithms indexing content all based upon the simple concepts of morality and logic.

The rule of thumb is that if you think that there is an algorithm for it, there is! – so plan accordingly.

So what does all this mean to YOU? Again, the answers to becoming successful are all so simple. Use the common-sense-logic that your gradeschool education has taught you and CHOOSE to live a SELFLESS life. This means that everything that you do online and in the real world has got to have the customer’s needs in mind. When YOU live selflessly by putting the customer’s needs first and when you truly try to help people YOU will be rewarded with YOUR wildest dreams! BELIEVE IT, it really is that easy!

Your success online and offline also depends upon your ability to build a targeted list. As YOU probably already know there are many ways to build a list; whether it is using auto-responders, social media sites and conventional mailing lists. The goal is to get your sales copy in front of a targeted audience, and then to offer the target market useful information that helps them wholeheartedly. What this means is that YOU have to first define your target market, essentially getting into the mind of the market and you have to identify the markets needs. Once you have a thorough understanding of your target market, and know how they THINK, all you have to do then is cater to the markets needs in every aspect of YOUR business.

From the actual product or service, to email copy, videos and the blog posts that YOU write, your ONE primary job is to genuinely HELP the market that you SERVE.

After all of the countless hours that I wasted researching the most recent Google algorithm changes, and the countless more hours that I spent researching the latest marketing strategies, I found that all of it was useless until I realized that the meaning of life is to discover YOUR purpose, and that the purpose of life is to help the people that you SERVE. It is not until YOU do a lot of FEARLESS soul-searching and when you thoroughly evaluate YOURSELF that you will discover the type of product and industry that you are passionate about. Once you have found an industry that captivates YOU and you have found your purpose all of the rest of the pieces of the puzzle will effortlessly fall into place because NOW all you will have to do is use your passion for helping people to market your products or services . – and millions of dollars will stream into YOUR bank account seemingly without effort.


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