For some people anger can consume their lives. Whether it was the guy that cut you off in traffic, the slow cashier at the supermarket or your children not listening to you, anger can build up and get the best of YOU if you let it. Life is too short to feel mad all of the time!

If you are anything like me then you understand what it feels like to live in a reoccurring cycle of uncontrollable fits of rage. When I was younger my anger got so bad that sometimes it felt like my brain was going to stroke-out from the hypertension!

These days I am doing much better, and this is coming from a person who lost more than a handful of jobs because of my fits of rage, not to mention the time that I took a hammer to my car when it broke down! I can laugh about it now when I tell my story, but back then it was really scary for people that were close to me in my life.

I have come a long way since those days and I have learned a lot. Lets face it, there is no way that I would have made it this far if I had continued living that way. Something had to give! For me, learning how to RELAX and thinking positive became a life and death decision.

Like a fruit rotting away, my anger and negative thinking was slowly killing me. On the flip-side I learned that thinking positive thoughts are like cultivating healthy fruit; the more positive that YOU think, the stronger that YOU become!

It’s as easy as choosing to put a smile on your face to change the way that you feel. Happiness starts with a smile!

Happiness is a choice. It’s as simple as that. It’s as simple as choosing to be happy over choosing to feel angry. Happiness starts with a smile! It’s as easy as choosing to put a smile on your face to change the way that you feel, no matter how hard that it may seem at first. It’s amazing what a smile can do to not only change the way that YOU feel, but a smile also changes the world around you. What’s even more amazing is that when you smile people actually smile back at you!

If you have been angry for a long time, like I was, then you may not be used to people smiling back at you. Take it from me; it doesn’t take much time to get used to it. I mean, aren’t you READY to be happy? YOU deserve to be happy! A whole new life is waiting for you. All you have to do is CHANGE YOUR MIND!

Your negative emotions, especially YOUR anger, directly affects everyone around YOU negatively. Do you really want to always be known as the person that loses their temper? Do you really want to be known as the person that is mean to everyone around them? No one deserves to live that way, including YOU! It’s not too late to CHANGE YOUR BEHAVIOR.

You can start your life over at any point in time that YOU want to. You can start your life over right NOW! The power to BE HAPPY is already within YOU!

In a world of superhighways, 40 hour work weeks and paying bills, who has the time to slow down enough to RELAX? The secret is that mindfulness does not take much effort or time to achieve. What exactly is “Mindfulness”? Mindfulness is a relaxed state of mind or “being” that can be achieved through simple relaxation techniques. Here’s how it works;

Mindfulness is RIGHT HERE RIGHT NOW by taking ONE deep breath. Try it! Breathe deeply. Breathe in through your nostrils and breathe out through your mouth. Then take in another deep breath. With every breath that you breathe in you RELAX more and more. The more that you become relaxed the more clearly that you begin to see just how minor that the problems of your day really are to the “BIG” picture.

Continue breathing in deeply and exhaling slowly. As you enter this relaxed state of mindfulness confidence enters your mind and positivity flows into your spirit. With every breath that you breathe in, and breathe out, you are able to lower your minds frequencies that allow you to RELAX and THINK POSITIVE.

You find that the people around you are attracted to this new positivity in your life. Small things (like the mess that the kids made or the guy that cut you off in traffic) don’t bother you any longer. Life flows effortlessly.

The best part is that this relaxed state of mindfulness only takes you a couple simple breaths of air. You can be in your car, in a stressful meeting, on stage or sitting in front of an agitated person and all you have to do to stay calm is BREATHE. Even better yet is that no one even notices what you are doing. You are simply breathing in and breathing out, gaining control of your mind and emotions with every breath that you breathe in.

The path to mindfulness is easy and is obtained through breathing in the moment, relaxing and training yourself to THINK POSITIVE thoughts.

Mindfulness is in the scents that you breathe in, in the sounds that you hear, and in the sights that you see. Mindfulness is even in the wind across your face and the sun upon your skin. Mindfulness is everywhere, it’s all around YOU!

Next time that you catch yourself feeling frustrated and angry automatically STOP! Smile, Breathe and RELAX. Imagine yourself feeling in control of your emotions and letting yourself BE HAPPY. Achieve mental clarity, achieve wellness and ultimately find YOUR happiness!


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